Railway History on the Valencian Country

Current status of the Grao station

Train on the Valencian country opens with a line between Valencia and Vila Vola del Grao with the main objective of transport multiple supplies to the industry on the port . After that multiple other important lines have opened:

1:Between Grao de Valencia and Játiva. This was the first important railway line.

2:Between Almansa and Alicante, being the first railway line to connect Madrid with the mediterranean sea.

3:The ampliation of the Valencia railway to Játiva to Almansa, linking that way Madrid with Valencia.

4:The railway from Valencia to Tarragona, linking the Valencian Community with Catalonia, and both capitals.

The train bringing people together

One of the main stations was the "Pont de Fusta" station, on Valencia, which on the 60's was one of the Europe railway stations with more passengers. This railways and the later ones, increased the intensive specialized production, due to the ease of commerce with the supplies transport, which increased the economic levels and the relations with the rest of the country. Nowadays, lots of that railways have changed location or closed, and a lot of them now are used as green ways. Right now it´s finishing the construction of the commonly called high-speed lane between Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, The valencian Community and the Murcia Region, also known as LAV Madrid-Levante, that has high speed branches from Madrid to Valencia, Cartagena and Almería, and it extends from Valencia to Castellón and from Alicante to Murcia, connecting the entire region to each other and with the rest of the country with a line that allows speeds to 350 km/h. Thanks to the train, is much easier to go quickly from one part of the country to another for 25€. To make a way that only few years ago you´ll need to spend 4 hours now in half the time, safer, allows the population to visit with more frequency, go shopping ot the capital or find a job on far places knowing that your family is still 2 hours away.

Would you like to visit the Grao station in Valencia if it is restored one day?

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